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Slide In
Vostok Jazz

Cybophonia is Eros Minichiello, a producer and musician, based in the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland.

As well as creating soundtracks for Swiss films, TV, radio, and commercials, he has released records for the Italian label Irma Records: an album titled "Cybophonia" (2000), a pair of 12” EPs ("Azona Pop" 2002, "Cut & Paste" 2003) and several singles and remixes. 

The CD "Vostok Jazz", released at the end of 2003 by the Japanese label Hipnologie Recordings, is a selection of Cybophonia’s works from 1999 to 2003. 

In 2006, under the name Centovalley, Eros released the album "August”, in collaboration with the Swiss composer Florin Maasz. In the same year he created his own label Stereolake Records.

In 2007 Cybophonia released the EP "Slide In".

"Spinning", released in October 2014, is an eclectic album of chilled nu-disco, house, downtempo, electro, hip hop, and even a little bit of jazz and country.

"Without Delay" is the new Cybophonia single (26.02.2021).



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